This workshop gives a literary introduction to the origins and elements of The Uncanny in both literature and imagery. As a group we try to explore what uncanny means to us and how others have theorised around what the uncanny is.

We look at the uncanny as a tool in writing, providing extracts and discussion points for the group. Writing exercises give the group an opportunity to play with and create their own ‘uncanny’ vignettes using different thematic options.  

The group is then led in a discussion surrounding peculiar photography and what photographic elements fit with different ideas of what uncanny is. The group finally then have a chance to create their own peculiar image in a professional photographic studio.

Full Day

"Thanks for putting such a great workshop together, it was brilliant and I had great fun! Really great feeling to go back to writing even just for a day, and I'm looking forward to coming to more of your workshops."

- Ameena Rojee

“The workshop was brilliant and a welcome opportunity to talk to people who 'get' photography. We had a great day and will definitely try to make it to any others you hold in the future."

- Lucy Bentham


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