Suitable for participants from all or no creative backgrounds, this workshop explores different areas of creativity across writing and image making. 

Focusing on and exploring five areas of creative writing and image making with words, connecting them with a selection of well known photographers who show similar craft in their work. Participants are provided with work books and given a selection of writing exercises and photography projects under different headings. There is a strong element of discussion and group participation.


A workshop created for ‘The School of Miniclick’ at The Photographers Gallery, June 2016

Half Day / All Day 

“I loved this workshop, as a photographer you often get the same pieces of advice or pearls of wisdom to help you develop your practice and it was so refreshen to look at photographic storytelling from a literary perspective. It was playful and stretched the boundaries of my imagination allowing me to read further into the possibilities of photographic representation. I’d recommend this to all creative practitioners."


Tessa Lewis, participant of The School of Miniclick workshop